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I’m living my own rags to riches story. I went from humble beginnings to being able to provide the life for my kids I never dreamed of.  As a result of my childhood, I become obsessed with saving money on every single purchase I make.  I’m still obsessed, even after turning frugality into success.

I have developed methods to consistently save 10% or more on purchases and figured out how to fund a project or event even when money is tight. In fact, I found ways to start a business when I did not have any money to fund what I needed whatsoever.  Take a look around and I will show you how I do it.

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I Make $2000+ A Month Selling Images. How to Sell Your Photos, Illustrations, and Artwork Online.

I Make $2000+ A Month Selling Images. How to Sell Your Photos, Illustrations, and Artwork Online.

I’ll admit… If I attempt to draw something by hand, it closely resembles artwork created by a three year old. I do not have a talent for drawing whatsoever.  However, I am pretty good at taking photos (mostly of nature) and I’m pretty dang good at Photoshop. If you are good at drawing/painting/sketching/photography/digital editing/etc you can make a good amount...

You Can Still Buy Christmas Presents - Even When You're Broke!

You Can Still Buy Christmas Presents – Even When You’re Broke!

As a kid I remember the excitement on Christmas morning. I would wake my parents up, often before dawn, to see what was inside the Christmas presents piled at the bottom of the Christmas Tree. The first holiday season after my husband left the military was the hardest. My heart broke when I realized we would have to choose between...

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Marketing Mom – Teaching Women, Moms, and SAHMs How To Make and Save Money Online

Take a look at this amazing airport themed advertisement for Marketing Mom I got at Fiverr: I’m a Self Made #MillionaireMommy with #MS. This SAH(working)M  is obsessed with #SavingMoney. I teach #Women #Moms and #SAHMs how to make and save money online. This advertisement is just one of the many amazing  videos you can purchase completely customized with your logo...

Direct Sales: Scentsy

Direct Sales: Scentsy

“Try not to become a man of success. Rather, become a man of value. A successful man takes out of life more than he puts in. A man of value will give more than he receives.” –Albert Einstein According to the Scentsy Website: Scentsy has grown from a small, family business to a thriving international fragrance company and a leader...

Marketing Mom: Internet Consultant

What Is An Internet Consultant?

What Is An Internet Consultant? I have always struggled with my job title. At a young age I was considered a computer geek. At twelve I wasn’t looking at websites at face value, instead deciding to right click and view the source of a website and learn what they were made of. If you’re brave, do this now. Right Click >> View Page Source....